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Monday, April 17, 2006

Rashawn's Memorial March: A Success!


Anger, pain and tears mingled with determination for justice at the Rashawn Brazell Memorial March.

Chanting "Justice for Rashawn!" from the train station where his partial remains were found to the 79th precinct where the investigation of his murder has lulled, we gathered on April 15th not only to honor Rashawn’s memory, but also to support his mother, Desire Brazell, in her tireless fight to ensure that the NYPD devote the maximum amount of resources to finding her son’s killer.

Alongside representatives from the RBMF, City Councilmember Leticia James spoke out on Rashawn’s behalf, issuing the angry message that “homophobia kills!” Among the 200+ attendees were representatives from the Audre Lorde Project, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, the New York City Anti-Violence Project, People of Color in Crisis, the Reverend Ralph "Chaz" Crowder, and Eric Adams of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement.

In a particularly moving moment, a close friend of Rashawn’s vowed that she would march every weekend if she had to. Another told an anecdote about Rashawn’s selfless nature and the unwavering support he offered his close friends. Some were unable to speak at all, overcome by the loss of their friend and the failure of the NYPD to prioritize the investigation.

The Rashawn Brazell Memorial Fund thanks everyone who came out to support Desire Brazell’s plea for justice. It was an honor to assist in realizing the community’s goal of ensuring that neither the NYPD nor the general public allow this case to remain unsolved and underreported and a joy to be reminded how many people stand in support of our organizing.


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