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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rashawn Brazell Case Resurfaces in the Media

--- TODAY ---

Tune in as
Court TV's “
Catherine Crier Live
interviews Desire Brazell
about the unsolved murder of her son, Rashawn
and the status of the investigation.

The segment will air on on today's show (5pm EST)
in connection with America’s Most Wanted
to help find Rashawn Brazell’s killer.


Fox's "America's Most Wanted"
will also re-air their segment on Rashawn's murder.
AMW received a number of helpful tips
the first 2 times they aired the segment.
Our prayer is that this week's re-broadcast
will bring forth the final tip
that the NYPD needs to find Rashawn's killer.

Desire Brazell asks
Please get the word out to everyone to watch the show.
Maybe somewhere someone will watch and finally come forward
with the lead we need to make justice happen

The show airs on FOX on Saturday, December 9th at 9pm EST.


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