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The Rashawn Brazell Memorial Fund aims to establish a sustainable tribute to Rashawn that promotes critical thought about the impact of violence and intolerance, particularly upon queer communities of African descent.

Through this blog, we provide action alerts, event postings and breaking news as a means of informing these communities in ways that enable them to combat racism and homophobia.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Scholarship Committee Makes Unprecedented Decision

Last week, the Rashawn Brazell Memorial Scholarship selection committee convened to select our 2007 scholar. After careful deliberation, we were unable to decide between two exceptionally strong applicants. One had an amazing story of triumph over adversity, detailing how she maintained her drive and her grades even as she and her family while navigated NYC’s homeless shelters. One spoke eloquently about how he coordinated a series of social outings to help ease racial tensions in his school.

How could we possibly choose between two scholars who so clearly embodied two distinct aspects of Rashawn’s legacy? Well, we’re hoping that through your generosity, we won’t have to.

Since the meeting, the selection committee has collected, donated and pledged over $700 to make it possible for BOTH of these promising scholars to receive the award. Today, we are less than $500 away from meeting our goal. For as little as $25, you could help us show these promising young scholars how much we appreciate their commitment to furthering Rashawn’s legacy of academic excellence and selfless service.

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