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Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Jersey Four" Lesbian Gets Jailed for Assault

Source: The Advocate
By Michelle Garcia

A New Jersey lesbian pleaded guilty on Tuesday to assaulting a man in 2006. Renata Hill (left) will serve the remainder of a three-year sentence for reportedly stabbing Dwayne Buckle (right) after he made sexual comments to her and the group of women she was with, according to Newsday.

When Buckle made the comment to one of the seven lesbians in the group, she said she wasn't interested. He threatened and then assaulted several them, strangling the woman to whom he made the advance, according to Gay City News. Hill stabbed Buckle to make him stop, and two men approached the group to fend him off.

Three of the seven women made plea deals and four went to trial in 2007, launching sensational media coverage calling them "wolves" and "bloodthirsty lesbians." "The New Jersey Four," as they became known, were convicted on assault and gang assault charges after unsuccessfully arguing that they acted only in self-defense. However, an appellate court threw out one of their convictions, while Hill, who had initially been sentenced to eight years in prison, and another were subject to a retrial. The fourth woman's sentence was reduced from 11 to eight years.

Hill, who has already served two years, must surrender at a prison in Bedford Hills, N.Y., on April 30 to complete her sentence.


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