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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Closeted Pastor Faces Murder Trial

Once again the extremes of internalized homophobia has revealed itself. Anti-gay - and closeted - Pastor Robert Reaves murdered the girlfriend of roommate and man- crush Steven Randolph. Randolph was unaware of Reaves sexuality and his advancements, but once it became clear to him that Reaves was something other than straight he reminded him of his heterosexuality.

“Randolph testified that in the fall of 2007 he did not immediately recognize the pastor's proposals as sexual advances toward him. But Randolph said once he realized Reaves' intentions, he told the pastor he was not homosexual or bisexual.

That encounter made Randolph so uneasy, he testified, that he not only left the house immediately to seek refuge with friends, he also got a gun from his cousin to keep in his bedroom.”

In 1988 Reaves was accused and convicted of sexual misconduct with young boys. The prosecution has evidence of Reaves advances to other men and jealous rages on their girlfriends.

Defense lawyers are arguing that the murder was not committed by Reaves, and that he is the wrong suspect in custody.


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