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Monday, November 23, 2009

16 Year Old Beaten with Metal Pipe

Sixteen-year-old Jayron Martin was beaten with a metal pipe by his classmate. Martin notified two principals and his bus driver reporting the alleged threats to them – and they didn’t budge. Jayron Martin said he begged two principals at his school and his bus driver for help before he was hit repeatedly with a metal pipe. Martin reveals to local Houston affiliate KHOU.

“All they kept saying was, ‘We going to get you. We going to fight you,’ and all that and so when they started coming after me they were like, ‘You’re not going to be gay anymore.’ They just kept hitting me,” he said.

Hours before the incident, Martin said a friend told him a group was planning to attack him. The teen said he talked with two administrators about his concerns. The administrators took a written statement from him, said Martin.

“I sat down in the cafeteria and I started writing the letter and so then I handed it to them and they said, ‘We are going to call y’all down and stuff like that,’” he said.

Martin said he was never called to the office, and the administrator didn’t call his mother.

Martin entered the school bus where he constantly was being harassed and threatened by students. After exiting the bus he was chased, hailed down, and beaten while others stood and looked. He was beaten for minutes until a neighbor came out hailing and cocking his shotgun.

“Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested the 16-year-old who beat Martin. The accused teen is facing aggravated assault charges. His case is in the juvenile court system, and those records are sealed.”

Martin was knocked into a concussion and suffered cuts and bruises throughout his limbs. He says he does not want to return to school. His mother is currently exploring filing a civil lawsuit against the students and school for ignoring their son’s plea for help.


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