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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chicago Man Beaten

The year has just begun and already we can feel the pulse of homophobia. Three men attacked Dan Hauff, 33, while yelling anti-gay slurs when he tried to defuse an argument with two men on the train.

From Chicago Breaking News:

“Victim Daniel Hauff, 33, said he tried to quell an argument between two men on the northbound train when one of those men -- joined by two other male riders -- began yelling gay slurs and other taunts at him.

Hauff said he pressed the emergency intercom and the train operator came by, but then left and the train started moving again. After the operator left the "L" car, the three men punched his face and pummeled his body somewhere between the Wilson and Argyle stops, Hauff told Chicago Breaking News.”

Hauff tells the Chicago Breaking News that his "face, chest, back, knee and foot were in pain and he was seeing double on the left side.”

The suspects were released on bail and will be charged with misdemeanor battery.


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