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Monday, October 19, 2009

Justice for Price

Jack Price, an openly gay man from Queens, NY was viciously attacked by two hoodlums who “didn’t have hate on their minds”. Daniel Rodriguez and Daniel Aleman were caught on tape beating the defenseless Price. Both Rodriquez and Aleman claimed self-defense, but by the looks of the video is evident that both are lying. According to the suspects, Price was soliciting men by writing his phone number on a wall before being confronted by Aleman and Rodriquez. Somehow this story doesn’t add up.

[Rodriguez] claimed that Price provoked him by writing graffiti of a sexual nature in the bodega where the confrontation began.

Then, prosecutors say Rodriguez admitted to using an anti-gay slur and stealing Price's wallet. He also allegedly told detectives, "I was angry, cause Jack is disgusting."
Price insists he did not write any graffiti and otherwise did nothing to provoke the attack. And as for Rodriguez' dad, Price's family says they may never forgive his son, but they don't blame him.

Price is expected to leave the hospital within the next few days. He has been on breathing tubes since the altercation.
Read full story here.


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